Test results for IELTS

Test results for IELTS

After the IELTS test gets over, this is how the results are generated:

The Test Report Form: You will receive a Test Report Form which reports a score for each of the four skills (listening, reading, writing and speaking), as well as an overall band score. Half band scores may be awarded to indicate a strong performance within a particular band. You can find more information on score processing and score interpretation at ielts.org/criteria. Results will be available 13 days after the test. At some test centers, test takers can collect their results on the 13th day. At other test centers, results are mailed to test takers on the 13th day. Test centers are not permitted to give results out over the phone or by scan or email. You will receive only one copy of the Test Report Form. It’s important that you keep it safe as replacement Test Report Forms cannot be issued. Test centers will send copies of your Test Report Form to up to five organizations free of charge. Test results

Preview your results online: You can preview your results online 13 days after the test. Results remain online for 28 days. Please note that the online preview of results should not be used as an official confirmation of your performance.

Results validity period: Organizations will not usually accept a Test Report Form that is more than two years old unless you provide evidence that you have actively maintained or tried to improve your English since taking the test. The IELTS Test Partners cannot confirm the validity of test results that are more than two years old.

Resitting the test: If you don’t get the result you want, you can register for another IELTS test as soon as you feel ready to do so.

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