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If you are aspiring for a urbane, luxurious lifestyle with a plush job in hand or you want to see yourself in one of your dream universities abroad, it is necessary to clear an English speaking exam IELTS as a prerequisite for the selection process.

ELTS tests on the English proficiency of non native speakers for the countries where English is not an official language. It not only tests on your written and spoken English but also on comprehension and receptive skills through reading and listening module.

IELTS is managed by: University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, British Council or IDP: IELTS Australia thus you can either appear through IDP or British Council depending on the dates available.

The IELTS exam format comes in academic or general training where general writing is for migrations while academic writing is for study abroad, with variation in the reading and writing components. You can choose the best IELTS Test format for you...

It is a 2.5 hour exam conducted at a stretch on the same day for which you get the slot, with no break in between the modules. All the modules are on a scale of band 9..

The exam comprises of the four modules: listening, reading, writing and speaking where listening , reading and writing happens together whereas speaking happens on a different day within a week before or after the main exam. The speaking dates are also intimated to you only a week before the main exam.

The online resources include reading and listening tests for each question format. Additionally, there are about 5 sectional tests each for both the modules

There are writing tests with pdfs and videos on different strategies in each module for better comprehension towards accomplishment of the desired scores.


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